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So a while ago, we at The Brand Institute decided to start implementing the Divi framework into our website designs. For those of you who do not know what Divi is, it’s a framework developed by elegant themes as either a theme or plugin to your current theme. The main function of the framework is to enable you to save page layouts, modules, forms inside your WordPress Installation. This allows you to then reuse those design elements anywhere on your website.

Further to that, it also enables a front-end editor with simple drag and drop features. They really have made it so simple to use that the non-technology geek can easily navigate through their website design and make small changes on the fly, without having to consult with their initial web designers. But don’t take our word for it take a look at their short video below. That in itself is awesome- But that is not the GREAT NEWS. Nor is it that Divi is included in our website design packages. (Which it is)

So what is the great news?

Divi did not just simply create a product and leave it, they have been constantly developing the product further. Recently they release an update which allowed your custom style sheets used in your modules and designs to be cleaned up and kept light (in Non-technical terms) which ensure that your website’s performance does not hamper your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for which we are extremely thankful, alas once again, this is not the ground breaking news. On the 6th September Divi made the announcement that they have built in a set of animation controls into their builder.

What does this mean?

Ultimately, you now have an option in your website with this latest update (Which if your designed your website with us, or you subscribe to our WordPress Support Service) you now have access to. Once again it’s super easy to use, and gives you full control over almost every element of your website, allowing you to use funky and fresh animations in your website design. Once again take a look at the video below for a short explanation of this awesome feature.

Who are we?

At the Brand Institute, we are a team of Creative who are passionate about Website Designs, and anything that allows us to make a website even more appealing without the trade off of performance, make us super happy. visit us at


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